Does it stay or does it go now?

No bikes

A slight amendment to the title of a popular 1980’s hit by The Clash, but a major dilemma.  When space is limited on a container heading for Canada, how many of the 9 adult-sized mountain bikes currently residing in our UK garage do you select to make the trip with you?

Answer: all of them – according to the gospel that is my good husband.  He likens it to having to choose between his own 3 kids.  Loves them all equally, but given the possibility that some may not be able to come along for the ride, couldn’t possibly be forced to make the selection.  I’m informed that each one is significantly different, performs numerous functions not duplicated on any of the others, rides unlike the other models, and unique in having a specific specialism and use depending on requirements.  To be absolutely honest, I accept I’m an uninformed bystander with no knowledge of the complexities of modern day mountain biking, but if I could offer a humble observation – they all have 2 wheels, handlebars and a seat.  What could be complex about that?  Maybe it’s the compelling proposition placed in niche magazines by clearly articulate and commercially savvy marketing bods sensing a market opportunity?  If so, they’ve hit on magic here.  And it certainly works in our house!!

Maybe it’s like women with handbags and shoes.  Not really something I relate to that well, but I know that for some very good friends of mine, this dilemma will resonate strongly 🙂


Anyhow, the sofas, chairs, dining room table and all electronic equipment has had to be sacrificed and will be remaining in the UK.  I hadn’t realised how much ‘stuff’ accumulates over the years and when forced to make a choice about transporting it 9000 miles east and taking 6 – 8 weeks to get there, how much this concentrates the mind.  Likewise, the sheer practicality kicks in as the majority of electrical goods also won’t work over the pond.  When you look around your house at the number of items this then prevents, you start to realise how dependent on electricity we’ve now become.  For the essentials, I’m going to have to procure Canadian versions upon arrival.

On the plus side, my 19 year old cat will be attempting the journey.  Speaking to a specialist animal carrier company earlier today, and the oldest cat they can remember transporting went from the UK to Australia at 24 years old.  My cat’s up there with some of the oldest veterans so let’s hope we get the ‘green light’ from the vet prior to the flight and there’s no undue turbulence en route!

Then there’s the toys and general ‘mess’ that kids naturally create and festers in their cupboards, drawers and in the far depths of the sofa.  I’m hunting it all down and we’re going to have to be pretty disciplined in whether we bin, bag or box.  The kids are excited about the move but have been brought back to earth with the requirement of a major sort out this next weekend in preparation.


My domain is the kitchen and all my baking goods and ingredients will now need to be delivered to good homes in the UK as no liquids, foodstuffs, spices are allowed into the country.  Not too bad if you’re only going for 6 months, but I doubt they’ll be in a fit state of consumption after 2 years!  Never mind.  I’ll just have to work my way through the wine stack prior to departure…..

It’s a tough job, but I guess someone has to do it ……. 🙂