It’s been a while ….

It’s been a while, I know ….. funny how life gets in the way and time disappears in a flash – and before you know it, it’s nearly 18 months since I last published a post.  Guess that’s just life in general really.  I often reflect and think, what on earth happened to the last 20 years?  Where’s the time gone?  How on earth have the kids grown up so fast?  Last time I looked, they were in nappies …

Life, eh?So, hello again.  I’m back.Life has a way of grinding you to a halt sometimes, and I mean that both literally and figuratively.  Skiing at New Year in Jasper (put it on your bucket list as the snow is amazing, views stunning, and place wonderfully atmospheric), I was a bit keen on a turn and took a fall.  Suffice to say, it concluded with being medically tobogganed off the mountain, an ambulance to hospital, surgery to hammer my fractured tibia back into place, and instructions to remain on the sofa for the foreseeable future.  Dancing is off for a while, then …It can only happen to me.  For those familiar with my escapades, you’ll recollect my futile abilities to ice skate when we first arrived in Canada 4 years ago (click here for a quick recap); and I’m at it again.

I’m sure there are a few more emergency services and hospitals we haven’t yet visited in Western Canada, but let’s not make it your life’s mission to discover them all’, was the wearied respite from my long-suffering husband who is now having to wait on me hand and foot.  As you can imagine, the extension of his chores has not been well-received and seems to be creating havoc with his desire to go out in the snow on his phat-bike.

Roll forward 2 weeks since surgery, and there’s only so much that can be done from a sofa.  For someone who finds it difficult to stand – or sit – still for longer than 2 minutes, this is purgatory.  But on the plus side, it’s made me re-discover things – like my blog, books that have been gathering dust and sat on a pile for months unread, and a couple of films and TV series’ that I’ve never quite got around to watching.The kids have been attempting culinary creations – with the odd prompt from the sofa; and instead of arriving in the kitchen for a quick bite of breakfast each morning before disappearing back off to their bedrooms – they’ve had to help sort out the dishwasher (which I genuinely believe has a life of it’s own in manufacturing crockery and cutlery such that it’s in continuous usage), making their own school lunches and getting their swim bags washed and organised.  Talking of which ….

My incapacitation, has certainly forced a voyage of discovery for the rest of the family.  My husband observed that he’d even discovered a whole new floor to the house where there seems to be a room with both a washer and tumble dryer located.  Mmmmmm ….. you don’t say.

On that very matter, it only took a few days before there was discontent in the ranks.  The washing kept appearing from the tumble dryer full of static – which resulted in some interesting hair effects modelled by my middle kid much to everyone’s amusement.

‘Have you put a sheet of “Bounce” in with the clothes?’, I helpfully offered?

Rather like the discovery of paracetamol, this potentially life changing solution was seized earnestly and another ‘wash’ was commissioned.  Disappointment cascaded in droves when the washing appeared yet again, still incurring electric shocks and static like a plasma globe.I often find that just saying things once, doesn’t tend to lead to the required action.  So I repeated my earlier question, ‘Did you put the “Bounce” into the clothes?’

‘Yes’, was the confused and accusatory repost.

A sudden moment of insight hit me.  ‘Where did you put the sheet of “Bounce”?’ I enquired.

Looking at me as though I’d asked the most obvious question that even a 3 year old would know, and with sheer exasperation in the response, my kid replied with disdain, ‘In the washing machine, of course, duh’.  And there it was.  Washing the sheet before it had time to be utilised in the tumble dryer was defeating the object.  Still, these life lessons have to be learnt at some point.  And they never stop either, no matter what age you are.I was delighted to witness my husband in the kitchen giving it a thorough clean and scrub.  No surface was left untouched.  It was only when I realised he was using bathroom cleaner that has now managed to remove the top surface of polish from all the tops that I resignedly returned to the sofa.  Let this delay not be for too long ….. I’ll have no house left …..


Thanks as ever to google images for the majority of pics in today’s blog

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