On your marks … get set …


Well, the long awaited work permit was granted earlier this week and the green light was given by husband to set everything in motion for moving to Canada officially.

After months of planning and excitement, it’s now turned into hard graft and a process of contacting removals, letting agents, local council, schools, banks, mortgage lenders … (the list is endless) … to notify them of our impending departure.  Whilst time consuming, most have been pretty straightforward, it’s purely been a case of setting a date and aiming for that.  The logistics are amazingly complex though and getting all the plans from numerous organisations to harmoniously coincide is a black art.

On the plus side, due to the shipping timescales (and no doubt the highly reputable and influential international removal agent I’m using), instead of taking 6 – 8 weeks to delivery our goods 9000 miles east, they can turn this around in 4 weeks.  They did mention to me that as ships can take 1 week to load all the containers onto a vessel, and another week to unload at the destination port, if you’re lucky enough to be one of the last containers loaded you’ll therefore be one of the first containers off on the other side.  This saves you 2 whole weeks!  We’ve often taken a ferry into Europe and there’s been a delay of sometimes upto 1 hour before entering and leaving the ship with your car, but this takes it to a whole new level!!!

Based on this 4 week timescale, my eagerness to get our worldly goods delivered to Canada by the end of October has meant it’s bought me an extra week to organise, sort and plan for what goes, and what stays.  This has been complicated by the fact that we can’t take everything – and indeed, there’s no point (see my last blog!) as there are customs regulations preventing certain items being shipped, let alone the fact that Canada has a different electricity supply and the majority of my UK electrical items won’t operate there anyhow.  This means not only have I scheduled the Canada goods to be shipped out before we leave, but I’ve also had to arrange for a UK removal of the goods we can’t take, but don’t want to leave in the house, to be taken into storage.  What’s then left is either for the bin or staying in the house.  Let’s hope I don’t get each shipment mixed up – that could be a major disaster!!!!


Then there’s the letting agent.  We’re renting our house out and it has taken me a while to get used to the sheer notion of someone else living in my house.   I absolutely love where we live and the house itself, so the last week has seen it polished and preened ready for a photo shoot and a well-articulated and compelling summary of what it has to offer written.  No need to sell it to me, but I’m just hoping whoever selects to reside in it for a duration of time, looks after it with some love and care.

Plan construction

I do have to conclude that when they say ‘moving house’ is up there in the most stressful things to undertake – along with a death and divorce (hopefully not all 3 combined); the madness of not just moving house, but moving to another country (albeit ‘next door’ but over a very large ‘pond’), just adds a scale and level of complexity that makes the head hurt and blood pressure escalate.

I’m handling it well though ….. the wine ‘stash’ is assisting with relieving the pressure as I’m unable to take it with me.  I could consider the notion of putting it into storage, but then again …… let’s drink it now and enjoy 🙂

It’s one less item to pack ….

4 thoughts on “On your marks … get set …

  1. Clare – you could make life really easy for yourself and just pack your clothes – put all furniture and household items in storage and buy new when you get out there…… sorted!


  2. Hah! Oh, you are SO on my world now…..”one less item to pack..” God, how many times I’ve thought that over the past few weeks. I’m so excited that finally we are getting to the ACTION part of this story. Very exciting sitting over here…probably equally as exciting from there but also much more stressful I know. Keep your head on and just remember that you will survive it all and have the experience of your life on the other side of the pond….all you have to do is get you and the kids there in one piece the rest is just icing! Not so hard really….you’ve already made it this far!


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