Momentum is building …


Well this week has seen more progress in our relocation to Canada than the last 2 months put together!  We now have a relocation package on the table which has been agreed, and as such, flights for our orientation visit are now booked and seats reserved.  It’s next week (I know – hardly time to shop, but I’ll try my best 😉 ) and we fly out of London Heathrow to Edmonton, Alberta; for a 2 week period.  The intention is to try to view the area, see as many available properties as humanly possible, and research into the local schools such that after the 2 weeks and upon returning to the UK, we can sort out the physical move and relocate over there as fast as we can (ideally, before the snow arrives).


In terms of the work for my husband, it’s off and running.  He’s busy and has been over there for the last 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, the fates have conspired against him and he’s currently ‘stuck’ halfway between Edmonton and Manchester (namely, Toronto), as he missed his connecting flight yesterday.  Putting new meaning to the term ‘globetrotter’, in a bid to return home before we depart back to Canada – he’s having to fly via Germany (never saw this as being en route to the UK from Canada before), but it means he gets home at some point in the near future.  ‘Helpful’ suggestions from myself about seeing the sights of new cities, have been met by stiff tongue and cold shoulder – I’m sure his mood will brighten when he returns to 3 hyperactive and excited ‘kids’ all vying for his immediate attention.  (Bet the prospect of a quiet trip round Frankfurt will sound positively appealing to him upon reflection)…..

Plan construction

For my part, like a bullet from a gun, I’ve kicked into full speed ‘organiser mode’ and have been busily securing us accommodation in which to stay whilst we’re over there.  Not the easiest when we’re looking for availability less than a week from now for a family of 5 at the height of the summer season.  However, not to be deterred and like a dog with a bone, I’ve managed to secure us rooms in a selection of hotels across various locations for the duration of our stay.  I’ve been keen to build in some fun and downtime for the kids in-between all the orientation shenanigans which are obligatory if we’re going to get the most from our time over there before the flight departs to return us back to the UK.

I’m trying my hardest not to get distracted from the job in hand, but when you see the absolutely fantastic places to visit, attractions to see, and scenery that I’m told is ‘to die for’, I’m starting to think 2 weeks will be nowhere near long enough!  I have to keep reminding myself to keep things focused as we’ll have acres of time once we’ve relocated over there to take in the full extent of what Canada has to offer.


As a form of incentivisation for the ‘kids’, I’ve saved the last 2 days of our stay as their ‘treat’ – comprising of a stay in the ‘Fantasyland Hotel’ in Edmonton, situated in the largest shopping mall in the world, with the 2nd largest Water Park (23 slides in total), an ice rink, an aquarium sea-life centre, attraction park with thrills and spills, all under one roof!  For the observant amongst you, you’ll spot a few of these items as being included in our bucket list from an earlier blog – so I’m getting them in early!  One thing’s for certain – 2 days will never be long enough, but it should make the trip memorable for the ‘kids’, give them lots of fun, and create a desire to get back there as soon as possible to try out all the things they won’t get chance to do on their first visit.


On the plus side, we should only be local the next time we’re there …..

2 thoughts on “Momentum is building …

  1. OMG. What fun that sounds like……but soon enough you’ll be where I am tonight and you’ll be dead on your feet! Fear not, tomorrow another day and it’s going to be glorious! (Would accept invite for hotel at largest shopping mall in world though….if you subscribe to the mantra “the more the merrier!” alas, I guess you had enough trouble getting a room for 5 let alone another, drat! Well, maybe next time…)


    • Lol! I’m definitely in the ‘more the merrier’ camp! You’re right though, it’s not easy getting rooms for 5 – one of the practicalities no one tells you before you have more kids!! Something tells me I may not make it as far as the shops with so many distraction attractions for the kids there!!!!! I can see myself having to walk on by whilst noting the opportunities for when we return!!!!


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