It’s a small small world …


You’ll be relieved to hear that I resisted the strong temptation to download the Disney tune to accompany the title of my blog!  ‘It’s a small small world’ has been a big theme for us this week.

Plans are getting firmed up – there’s a relocation proposal on the table, and we’re in the midst of arranging the flights for our orientation visit to Canada in early August.  One thing has been absolutely staggering to me though throughout the process so far – and that’s how many people I’ve spoken to who have been to Edmonton, have friends/family who have relocated there or thereabouts, or have contacts who are based there.  Without fail, every single one has offered to put us in contact with them, help us in some way, and generally be supportive to us during our relocation.  It’s a fantastic testament to the human species, in their inherent willingness to help others 🙂

Even new acquaintances have offered support with contacts they have out there – and the range of opportunities, skills to draw off and knowledge of what to do and how to do it, gives us encouragement and eliminates any nerves about the impending change of life we’re about to embark upon!


Let me throw you a few examples.  One of my best friends has family just south of Edmonton and after sending me their details, we’ve been emailing and exchanging thoughts on schools and areas to live in.  A work colleague who has a friend recently having relocated to Edmonton, has given me her details so we can meet up when I’m finally over there.  She’s given me some helpful tips on ‘the things she wished she’d known before moving out there’ so I’m well prepared.  And a client, who upon discovering that I was about to relocate, explained she had also moved there to live before having to return to the UK 2 years ago.  She will put me in contact with her friends and business contacts out there – and gave me superb advice on the best places to live, trucks to drive, and events to attend.

City Hall's main pyramid and fountain. To the ...

Edmonton’s City Hall main pyramid and fountain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then there are examples of the wonderful Canadians who my husband has met over there in the last 2 weeks alone.  He mentioned to one of the Canadian team he’s working with about our oldest ‘kid’ being a competitive swimmer and wanting to make sure she joins a club in Edmonton who trains seriously and competes externally.  It turns out this lady’s husband is a swimming coach in Edmonton, and has coached swimmers in the last 2 Olympics!  What are the chances of that!  Needless to say, she’s kindly passed on his details to us……

Another Canadian gentleman has a brother who is a realtor in Edmonton.  He’s confident that finding a property isn’t going to be a problem and emails have already been exchanged.  A final example, is a Canadian who my husband met during a business meal last night.  He’s a consultant based in Calgary and working in the same field of consultancy as me.  He’s keen to meet up and discuss potential opportunities.  I’ve already sent him my contact details.


It’s exciting.  But it has made me marvel at the coincidence of so many people, having so many contacts, in a place so far away.

Just goes to show.

It’s a small small world 🙂

6 thoughts on “It’s a small small world …

  1. Indeed it is and this is sounding less and less like an adventure where you’re going to have to “muddle through” or “try and build up a network of new support people” isn’t it? Yes, I’d say you’re going to hit the ground running, pick up right where you’re leaving off, and maybe even come out ahead in the end of all this!


      • Ugh…..we are knee-deep in boxes over here, but anxiously awaiting arrival of firstborn son (flying in some muscles since I am claiming OLDNESS as an excuse not to have to heft heavy items!). His flight is delayed. Add to that a birthday party tomorrow for our youngest child (15) and the arrival of my parents tomorrow as well and IT’S NUTS OVER HERE! But yes,…..all on schedule!


      • And you as well…I think you’ve got way more on your plate than I do on mine! We will get through this! 🙂


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