Exhilarating … in every way


You’ll be impressed to learn that the next grandparent to air their thoughts is my 84 years young, father-in-law. Extremely spritely, with a positive attitude and an exuberance for enjoying life – you’d be hard pressed to find anyone matching his stamina and wit. In fact, he’s my role model that if I ever reach the ripe age of 80 plus, that’s exactly how I’d want to be embracing life.


So, with the prospect of his immediate family and grand ‘kids’  relocating to Canada, here we go with his responses to the questions posed:

1. When he was told about the intended relocation, what were his immediate thoughts?

He says it’s best to describe having a kaleidoscope of thoughts. His first and immediate reaction was to consider the impact our move would have on both grandparents, before moving on to think of the many practical matters which we would have to deal with.


2. What does he think will be great about relocating to Canada?

That Canada being the country we are moving to was reassuring. He believes it should be much easier to integrate and, given that we would be based there for some time, provide us with the opportunity to get “under the skin” of the culture and explore the country’s attractions. (He’s given me an idea to develop a ‘bucket list’ of things we should try and do whilst we’re in Canada – subject matter for a later blog …… keep following!!!)


3. Relocating to another country – is this something he would have done?

Given the right circumstances and his wife’s agreement, he would have relocated for a period of time. (Mind you, you’re reading about someone who was an evacuee during WW2 and then did national service………)


4. What does he think he’ll miss most about us not living in England?

He will miss seeing the grand ‘kids’ most. They are growing so quickly and his ability to see them will be less often even than now.


5. What does he think we’ll miss the most?

He’s already learnt what the grandchildren would miss, and because we are bound together as such a strong family unit he wonders if it might just be our home.


6. If he had a wishlist of 3 things he’s hoping we enjoy most about living in Canada, what would they be?

Shortly after arrival, he should like us to find 1)  friendly, helpful acceptance; 2)  comfortable accommodation; 3)  successful accomplishment of the task that gave reason for our move in the first place.


7. What is he looking forward to most when we return?

Much closer proximity.


8. If he had to describe his thoughts about the move in 1 word, what would it be?

His final thoughts recommend me to study the Canadian Highway Code. As far as he is aware, the police force is composed in the main of men who are conspicuous in their red jackets and scout hats and are mounted on horses – I should not have to be too alert to spot one. (I suspect an element of sarcasm is being applied to this last statement).  Interestingly, he believes women have refused to be mounted, but if I do happen to exceed the speed limit, anything above thirty-five mph and the horses will be lost. (Is he intimating there is a perceived non-adherence to statutory speed limits being applied by my good self I wonder? 🙂 )


Being on a roll and taking every opportunity to ad lib from the set agenda, he also added that based on the answers given by his two youngest grandchildren (see earlier blogs 4yrs, 7yrs), he gathers that they would not be surprised to find wolves or bears roaming downtown Edmonton.  I’m to keep it from them that there is the occasional moose on the loose and when venturing into the wilder parts of the country, to stay in the 4×4 and we will not come to much harm.  On a positive, he says the good news is that we are safe from the last of the mohicans.


Mmmmmmm ……..

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