Better ask the husband


I’ve had some great feedback about my earlier blogs (thanks all 🙂 ) when I asked each of my 3 ‘kids’ to answer set questions about our move to Canada. All were independent and the views and comments each made were interesting given their respective ages, and offered a degree of insight into the minds of children and what they value (click here if you missed them– 4yr, 7yr, 10yr).

So, in a similar vein (and with the same rules applying), I’m conscious that I’ve made observations and drafted commentary on how I feel about it, but we haven’t conducted the same rigorous analysis!  Therefore, the next series of blogs will be capturing the views of myself (the goat) and my husband – I haven’t come up with another term to describe him!. Of course, my husband is the reason why we’re all relocating, so without further ado, his thoughts about it are presented below and captured as spoken………..


In moving to Canada, the most important things to him are:

  • Is it a good work opportunity and one he’ll be up to the task on (he never has similar thoughts about assisting in the home – one to chalk up for use at a later date, I’m thinking…..)

1.  What excites him about the move?

  • Doing something he’s never done before
  • Relocation is something he’s always wanted to do
  • Getting experience of living in another country which is more than just having a 2 week holiday
  • It’s an english speaking country that he’s met really nice people from. It aligns with his ethos of outdoor activities, being a big country, offering opportunities for adventure sports – that’s what excites him

2.  What interests him about Canada and what would he like to find out about?

  • The outdoor way of life & opportunities to ski, cycle, climb, explore
  • Spotting the differences between Canadians & Americans
  • Knowing more about the cultural origins and understanding the ties with the UK
  • Witnessing the cultural diversity within the country: English and French speaking sides of the country

3.  What is he hoping it will be like?

  • That it is an exciting, adventure for us all
  • Provides a big life experience for everyone to look back on and say we are glad we did that
  • That we all get a lot out of it
  • Hoping it’ll make the ‘kids’ more able to deal with big changes in life in the future, and is something they can look back on and compare later in life

4.  When we return to England, what does he think it will be like?

  • He expects it be exactly the same as it is now. If we’re away for less than 2 years, he doesn’t think the difference will be noticeable and expects to slip back in to UK life as though the move had never happened. He does reflect that he may not like being in England upon return and realises that having experienced another way of life which may be better and more preferable my trigger further choices.

5.  What is he most worried about?

The job in Canada and living up to the expectations set with the company over there – everything else is easy by comparison. Being obviously worried that the girls are happy in where they’ve been placed as a result of the move as he’d want them to see this as a positive and enjoy the experience

Never one to miss an opportunity for adding further commentary than that requested, he also went on to add that he doesn’t have any worries about moving to Canada. Ironically, he’d have more concerns if we were moving to somewhere in the UK, eg. London, for the reason that all the admin and hassle required wouldn’t outweigh the act of moving and the benefits. The fact that the move is to Canada almost makes the admin and hassle more exciting as he believes it’ll be worthwhile and something much better will come out of it as a result.

6.  If you could only take 5 things with you, what would they be?

Marmite jars

Marmite jars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Family (Goat & Kids – glad to see this appears top considering the other items on the list!))
  • Marmite (just in case it’s not available over in Canada & he has to get Red Cross supplies sent out)
  • Same as above for Earl Grey tea leaves (mind you, this is one of my pre-requisites too)
  • He can get everything else over there (or more to the point – I can!)

He’s more worried about what we’re leaving behind, eg. the house, and whether instead of being an asset, it becomes a liability during our time out of the country. This, we’ll just have to wait and see and take things as they come.


7.  I then asked him to describe in 1 word what he feels about the move …


Very considered.

His final musings on the topic led him to consider what he’ll be doing 12 months from now. He said he’d like to imagine being sat in our kitchen in Canada, having a cup of tea and reflecting about how the last 12 months have gone and whether it met his original expectations or far exceeded them? He’s interested in whether he would be wondering about hoping for an extension of his work, or wishing we could all could come home, or even worse, having to be sent home from the work as it has finished. He’s not sure how he’ll feel about each prospect, and that’s something we have yet to find out.


Sage words

6 thoughts on “Better ask the husband

  1. Well, there you have it….and I’ve found if the adults are happy the kids will be happy as well. So they’re already 50% ready for this!…waiting now to hear your take on things….I am thinking about name for you husband….but might take a few minutes….first thing that comes to mind is Gruffalo, but he doesn’t sound very gruff so will keep thinking….


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