To take or not to take? That, is the question …

Yes, I know – a derivative quote from Hamlet, but it is topical in the context of relocating – trust me.

Our progress towards relocating is moving ever forward and one topic which has raised it’s head this week is ‘what’ are we intending to relocate? Whilst clearly it will be myself and the 3 ‘kids’ – my husband and 19 year old cat being still in the debatable category (I jest!), but given the distance from Manchester, England to Edmonton, Canada – how much else are we planning to take with us?


We’re not permanently relocating, so we don’t need to sell up and move all our essential worldly possessions with us. But neither are we just stopping for a few weeks or so, where a couple of changes of clothes and some toiletries will suffice.

Equally, it’s not as it we can load up the car and hire a trailer to deliver goods across the other side of the country – there’s a small practical issue that the Atlantic Ocean, plus a further 2000 miles country terrain separates us (did I mention Canada is the second largest country in the world?  See earlier blog…).


Then there’s the cost.


Whatever we do decide are our priority items, do you ship them and wait 6 – 8 weeks for their arrival, or fly them over at a significantly higher cost? We may opt for a more financially driven approach and decide it’s more cost effective to purchase key items in Canada once we arrive and literally move with a suitcase each and that’s it?


Decisions, decisions.

 Suitcase & Teddy

It has made me think though that in everything we hold dear, what would we take with us that couldn’t be bought elsewhere through any other means?  I wonder whether adopting the same approach I gave to my kids in their earlier posts would be useful?


If you could only take 5 things with you, what would they be?

  1. Clothes (some key essentials)
  2. iPhone (can’t survive without it!)
  3. Laptop (providing connectivity to the rest of the world, plus all my work and family photos, music library, etc etc.)
  4. Toiletries & make up (obligatory)
  5. Key documents and forms of ID


The wonders of modern technology means that all things held in ‘the Cloud’ can be accessed anywhere in the world. We now have all our music, photos, work, family stuff – the lot, held up there in the ether. One less thing to worry about.


The difference in technology also means we can’t use with any degree of efficiency, electrical items like hairdryers and straightening tongs (which are usually critical travel items), even our TV, DVD’s and kitchen appliances won’t work due to the variations in electrical voltage and plugs. I’m sensing a procurement opportunity upon arrival 🙂


In one way, thinking about things in this way completely frees up the mind to not worrying about what to take. No, what becomes more apparent and ever real, is what I can’t take with me. And that’s my family and friends – who I’ll miss enormously. We can certainly look to make new and additional friends out in Canada – and I’m looking forward to doing this – but it can’t make up for my lifelong friends and family who I hope will not only take the opportunity to visit, but also stay connected and keep in touch despite the physical distance separating us. However long it turns out to be.


To take or not to take – that was my question.

My conclusion is, the very things you want to take with you, are those that you must leave behind.

4 thoughts on “To take or not to take? That, is the question …

  1. Oh, I can so relate to this post and tell you that I came to the very same conclusion with our recent relocation. The realtors at home wanted us to leave all our stuff in our home so it would show better and that so upset me. But as you said, it did create some opportunities for procurement once we were here. So that much at least was fun. But in setting up house here it was then that I realized it was my family and friends that was the most upsetting part of all this. At that point, I began to lean heavily on Skype. Thank God for Skype. I could not have made it though this without it! It’s a hard adjustment, I can promise you that. But chances are during your adjustment period, if you’re anything like we were, you’ll be too busy trying to come to terms with all the “new” ways of doing things, locating practical places to get in supplies, etc. and that will all help. Plus, the advent of the school year generally also keeps us very busy. So am sure it will be a grand adventure with much to keep you moving!

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    • Thankyou so much, that’s brilliant feedback and I’ll certainly be making sure we’ve got Skype set up and all the necessaries as you suggest 🙂 You’re right, school will definitely keep us occupied plus just general orienteering around the new area ! I’m certainly focusing on the positives but am sure the reality will hit at some point once we’re over there – let’s hope the blogging helps!!!


      • Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been told I’ve given brilliant feedback before! Am smiling over here! But really, it’s an adventure and everyone should have at least one….the good news is, you’re doing it with your kids and that will make it all the more bearable that they’ll be there to see your big adventure and you’ll be there to share their first big adventure…

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