Canada vs England

No, before you mention it – it’s not a match as part of the impending ‘World Cup’, although it did get me thinking about the strengths, weaknesses, amazing facts, historical significance and physical makeup of both countries.

Canada flagUK flag


  • both speak English (I know Canada is ¼ French before anyone wishes to correct me)
  • both have Queen Elizabeth II as their sovereign
  • major religion, Christianity
  • good life expectancy: 80 yrs men and 84 yrs women (Canada) and in the UK, 79 yrs men and 82 yrs women


English, or is it?

It’s interesting when you then compare this to northern England where yes, we speak English – but there are so many different accents within small districts you almost think you’ve crossed an imaginary border. My husband constantly ridicules me by saying that yes, the Canadians speak English, but they probably won’t understand a word of my Lancastrian accent. Oh well…… I’ll let you know.


Physical size:

  • Canada: 9.9 million sq km, the UK: 241,590 sq km.
  • The population of Canada is 34.7m; in the UK it’s 60m.

Did you know that Canada is 38 times bigger than the UK but has a population density 71 times less than UK. Put simply, living in the UK means there’s a lot of people and not much space.

Hard to imagine, but the population density in the UK is 249 people per sq km. Compare this to Canada which is 3.5! My goodness, we’ll have so much space we won’t know what to do with ourselves!  It seems hard to imagine a country of that scale compared to the UK.  In Alberta alone, the province is the same land area as the state of Texas!


Travel time:

Canada is the second largest country in the world, divided into 14 provinces, covering 5½ time zones – it takes 5½ hrs to fly from one side of the country to the other.

In the UK, given the state of the roads and volume of traffic, it takes about that time to drive from the north-west of England down to the south-east coast. On a bad day, you’ll be lucky to get from Manchester to Birmingham on the M6 in that time. These things I’m not going to miss.


Let’s bring this back to the sporting theme. The national sports in Canada are Ice Hockey & Lacrosse. In England, it’s football and cricket.  So, with the World Cup looming ever closer, England are playing, Canada are not.  It’s our national sport after all.  Given the facts above, we should have plenty of professional sportspeople to choose from and thereby stand a good chance of doing well.

Let’s wait and see!

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