Telling the kids?


I casually mentioned at the breakfast table with my 3 girls this morning how did they fancy going to Canada for August this year. This was greeted with ‘whoops’ of joy at which I offered, ‘and if we like it, we may stay there for the next 12 months’.

Detecting a stunned silence in the room, I threw in the ‘joker’ card, ‘oh, and they have snow for 6 months a year, so we can learn how to ski’!! Silence became grunts of acceptance and you could hear the cogs whirring in their heads as they considered the most important factors.

  • For the 4 year old, she was just happy there would be snow and we were going to a place called Canada.
  • For my 7 year old, the prospect of learning to ski was enough.
  • My 10 year old was concerned about the quality of the swimming (she’s a competitive swimmer in the UK and trains 6 days a week for 2 hours a day) and insisted that there needed to be a ‘good’ swimming team (there are).  She loves watching ‘curling’ and trying it out would be good fun.  Plus, she’ll be home again in another 12 months or so to see all her friends so that meant it wasn’t forever.


I said maybe not to mention it to anyone else at this stage until we knew more.


On arrival in nursery that morning, my youngest announced to the staff ‘we were going to Canada’. Picking the older 2 up from school later in the day, they both said they hadn’t told anyone apart from 4 friends, but that was okay wasn’t it.

Looks like it’s happening 🙂



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