Little steps always help

‘THE’ conversation was had with my husband’s boss today about what ‘exactly’ does ‘you want me to move to Canada’ actually mean.
I’m informed of the following facts :
• probably 12 months,
• possibly 2 years
• could be Edmonton – but maybe Calgary (both in Alberta – but either way there’s 7 hours time difference and at least 9 hours travelling time)
• yes, there’s a relocation package
• yes, you can take the family
• we may want to expand the work into North America
• oh, and we need to look into finding a replacement for you in the UK market



My first thoughts were: exciting and daunting at the same time. For someone who is naturally organised, structured and in perfect control at all times – where do you start?

Little steps always help. In my chores to the local village today I stumbled into 2 estate agents and enquired into how I go about ‘renting’ my property. Well, that’s today’s idea.
It’s a start….

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